Cancer Care

“Your thoughts have the power to shape your life, and you have the power to control your thoughts. You can think whatever thoughts you want, and they will take you where ever you want to go.”
Ralph Marston

Help your members/employees gain control over their cancer journeys

Cancer is not like other diseases: it comes with its own set of challenges, stressors and potential complications, many of which are unique to an individual patient.

Medix’ world-leading Cancer Care Case Management Service has been specifically developed to support your members/employees in planning, managing and navigating every aspect of their cancer treatment, from diagnosis, to treatment planning, and throughout their care.

Your members/employees dedicated Cancer Team is on their side every day, ensuring no stone is left unturned in pursuit of their best possible health outcome.

Cancer-Specific Information & Support

Multidisciplinary Global Specialists

World-Leading Referral Network

Support in Decision-Making

Cancer-Specific Information & Support

Multidisciplinary Global Specialists

World-Leading Referral Network

Support in Decision-Making


Provide a differentiated offer to your members/employees

Medix’ Cancer Care Team assembles and consults with specialists from a range of relevant disciplines, and conducts Tumour Boards to discuss the optimal treatment plan for your members/employees.

Ensure optimal clinical pathways from the start

Finding the best cancer treatment relies first on the accuracy of the diagnosis. At Medix’, we start by undertaking a rigorous diagnostic process to reverify and review your members/employees' cancer to ensure they are on the right clinical pathway.

Provide the best care: coordinated globally, delivered locally

Your members’/employees dedicated team maintains a 360-degree view of your care and will help coordinate your treatment, including clinical trials around the world. We will refer your members/employees' to the best specialists locally, based on a robust network of quality accredited specialists. In addition, we provide 24/7 human support, enabled through digital tools and communication.

Play a vital role in democratising cancer care

With Medix, we engage our global network of multidisciplinary specialists to consult on every case, ensuring your members/employees benefit from the world’s best, personalised care throughout their cancer journey. This helps reduce inequalities and gaps in care provision.

The Cancer Case Navigation Journey

Introduction and Intake
Your members/employees will virtually meet their dedicated Cancer Case Nurse and Doctor and provide them relevant medical information. Furthermore, an intake call with their Case Team will be held to discuss the plan moving forward. This information will be reviewed and summarized to then be shared with world-leading experts.
Evaluation and Consultation
Your members/employees personal Cancer Care Team will review and summarize their medical information and will consult on their behalf with a multidisciplinary team of cancer specialists in order to ensure their diagnosis is correct and recommend the optimal clinical pathway. If needed, we will refer you and coordinate additional medical tests.
Recommendations and Planning
Based on the consolidated opinions, your members/employees Cancer Care Team will share and explain the recommendations with them and their treating doctor, supporting them in the decision-making process.
Ongoing Support
Your members/employees Cancer Case Team will refer them to the best possible local specialists and will help coordinate their care and will guide and support them through their cancer journey all the way to recovery. In addition, Medix provides your members/employees and their loved ones with the information and emotional support they need to best cope with their condition.
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Cancer Care Management is one of many leading health and medical management services offered by Medix. Enhanced by digital innovation and a global network of multidisciplinary specialists, Medix supports its members/employees in achieving the right diagnosis and reaching the best possible treatment. Cancer Case Management is at the heart of what we do in the last 15 years and we are proud to have provided our members/employees with proven better medical outcomes.

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Unlike a typical second opinion service, Cancer Care Case Management offers a complete medical review of your members’/employees diagnosis. Rather than offering one individual specialist’s advice, we gather multiple opinions and consolidate them to provide a 360-degree view and clarity. Every cancer case is referred to a multidisciplinary Tumour Board, to ensure that they reach the right diagnosis and optimal clinical pathway. Medix’ Cancer Care Case Management Service offers medical and emotional support through your members/employees entire cancer journey for a minimum of three months and up to a year or longer, as needed.
Emotional well-being is a vital part of any successful cancer treatment. That is why our Cancer Care service emphasises the importance of mental and emotional support to patients and their loved during these challenging times. We offer a range of tools and support by a dedicated Case Team to provide clarity, comfort and control throughout your employees/members’ medical journey.
The right treatment relies on the right diagnosis, so we start by reviewing your members/employees diagnosis. We might refer them for additional tests, review their pathology, and their medical imaging, all while engaging with both their treating doctor and our network of multidisciplinary specialists for their input and advice. As a result, your members/employees receive a complete, comprehensive review of their diagnosis and staging, and can proceed to treatment with confidence.
Medix can help connect your members/employees to clinical trials and experimental treatment locally or abroad. Oncological clinical trials may offer the best chance for achieving breakthroughs in cancer treatment and might be the preferred treating alternative for some cancer patients in the very advanced stages of their disease. Your members/employees dedicated Cancer Case Team will provide them with the most up-to-date information so that together with their treating doctor can make decisions with confidence.
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