Chronic Disease Management

“Begin at once to live, and count each separate day as a separate life.”
Seneca 4 BC-65 AC

Manage your disease. Don’t let it manage you.

Dealing with the pain and complications of chronic disease isn’t easy, particularly when there’s no cure in sight.
Medix’ world-leading Chronic Disease Management Service enables you to take charge of your condition and effectively manage any symptoms and problems.
With us, you’ll receive ongoing support so that you can proceed with the clarity and confidence that comes from knowing you’re on the path to the best possible healthcare outcomes.



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Heart Disease


Your Benefits

Access the world’s most advanced thinking and treatment options

Medix leaves no stone unturned in pursuit of the best healthcare outcomes for you. In consultation with our world-leading network of disease specialists, we develop personalised plans targeted specifically to your needs.

Get control over your condition with continuity of care

Managing a chronic condition can be challenging when multiple medical professionals are involved. Our dedicated Medix Chronic Disease Management Team provides a single 360-degree view of your medical condition and care.

Receive personalised support whenever you need it

By their very nature, chronic conditions require constant support. That’s why Medix provides 24/7 access to your Disease Management Team, ready to consult on your behalf with leading experts, while providing emotional support whenever you need it.

Live a longer, healthier life without health stress

Medix’ Chronic Disease Management Service ensures you are doing everything you can to effectively manage your condition, minimise its intrusion into your daily life, and prevent further complications down the road.

Your Chronic Disease Management Journey

Introduction and Intake
Meet your Dedicated Case Nurse and Doctor and provide relevant medical information. Your Medical Administrator will coordinate your personalised disease management Programme. Together we will monitor your progress and answer your medical queries.
Evaluation and Consultation
Your dedicated Case Team will consult on your behalf with leading and multidisciplinary specialists to ensure the right diagnosis is achieved and best possible treatment is implemented. If needed, they will refer you and coordinate additional medical tests.
Recommendations and Planning
Based on the specialists’ consolidated opinions, your Case Team will share and explain the treatment options available and create a Disease Management Programme for you. We will share and discuss this plan with your treating doctor, supporting your decision-making process.
Ongoing Support
Upon need, the Team will refer you to local and global specialists and will coordinate your care. We will guide and support you through the implementation of your chronic disease management plan and will provide you with the necessary tools and information to cope with your condition.
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The foundation of Medix’ services

The Chronic Disease Management Service stems from a holistically managed care approach, which forms the foundation of all of Medix’ services. It is part of a personalised, digitally enhanced health management platform, providing quality health and medical services throughout life.

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Your life, Our answers


Our Chronic Disease Management Service offers both medical and emotional support throughout your journey. We combine health coaching and digital tools, including alerts to help you stay motivated and adherent to your plan.
Emotional well-being is a vital part of successful disease management. That’s why our Chronic Disease Management Service includes mental health support to work with you and your loved ones on your specific emotional needs.
Chronic medical conditions are diverse and complex – there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Our innovative assessment tools allow us to connect you with medical professionals who have the right kinds of skills and experience for you, as well as determine the optimal management plans. To ensure you are meeting your goals,we will proactively reach out to you with regular follow-ups, and adapt your plan as necessary.
In numerous studies, active case management of chronic diseases has been proven to substantially improve health outcomes and quality of life. With our services, you can gain a complete and comprehensive view of your health, access the world’s best possible care and treatment, and proceed with confidence towards a longer, healthier life.
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