Make informed decisions about your clinical strategies

The rapid pace of innovation in medicine, while fundamentally positive, can complicate the mechanism of delivering high-quality care in a sustainable manner. For physicians, medical and healthcare centres, sifting through the ever-growing number of available treatments can result in the prescription of unnecessary treatments and procedures while driving up medical cost inflation. Medix’ Clinical Strategy & Medical Governance Service helps you to review, implement or reform your clinical strategies.


Ensure your ability to deliver quality care

Your focus on quality care is put at risk by uncontrolled costs and medical inflation. We help you balance the need for quality care and patient demand for the latest treatments with the need to gain transparency and control over costs.

Gain insight into the value of new care models

As a result of medical research and rapid technological advancements, innovative treatments are appearing every day. With input from global specialists, we help you to assess the merits of new treatment options and modalities, and update your clinical strategies accordingly.

Benchmark against global standards

At Medix, we work with governments, insurers and employers in across 90+ countries, which grants us a current, global perspective of best practice. Using this knowledge, we work with you to apply "best-in-class" international standards in your local settings.

Build public trust

As the past few years have demonstrated, public trust in local healthcare systems is vital to keeping people healthy. We help you develop and implement healthcare strategies, while ensuring people can access the right care at the right time.

Medix, Helping governments to provide better care

Clinical Strategy & Medical Governance is one of several advisory services we offer to governments, insurance companies and large corporations.
By leveraging our global specialist network, our decades of health and medical management expertise, and our commitment to a shared value model, we help governments enable the best possible healthcare outcomes for their people.
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