Covid-19 Management & Rehabilitation

Help your members face COVID-19 with confidence

For many people, a positive COVID-19 test is accompanied by a high level of uncertainty and distress. No one knows what course the virus will take, particularly in people with comorbidities. With Medix’ COVID-19 Management & Rehabilitation service, we help to alleviate this stress for your members. From the moment of diagnosis, we are by their side, working to plan and manage their care, optimise their recovery and support them in achieving the best possible health outcomes.

COVID-19 Virtual Home Support

Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Physical Rehabilitation

Emotional Support

Underlying Medical Condition Management


Medix, The partner in responding to global healthcare needs

Medix’ COVID-19 Management & Rehabilitation Service reflects the same holistic, multidisciplinary and personalised approach we bring to every one of our services. By reducing the administrative and logistical burden of coordinating and ensuring the best possible care, we optimise your employees’ and customers’ clinical pathways and improve their healthcare outcomes.

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