COVID-19 Management & Rehabilitation

Move on from COVID-19. Get back to your normal.

For some people, COVID-19 is worrisome and isn’t just a flu like condition – it is an enduring, life-altering one.
Medix’ COVID-19 Management and Rehabilitation Service has been specially developed to offer you ongoing virtual support while coping with COVID-19 at home and when recovered from the acute phase, offer you an individualised rehabilitation plan that will help you fully recover from the physical and emotional distress and possible complications of the virus.

COVID-19 Virtual Home Support

Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Physical Rehabilitation

Emotional Support

Underlying Medical Condition Management

COVID-19 Virtual Home Support

Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Physical Rehabilitation

Emotional Support

Underlying Medical Condition Management

Your Benefits

Ongoing support when dealing with COVID-19 at home

You are not alone when dealing with COVID-19 at home. Medix teams will provide you with the necessary information and guidance to ensure you have clarity and confidence when dealing with the virus. Using digital and data driven tools, Medix will virtually assess the urgency and severity of your condition and will support you until recovery.

Understand where your health post-COVID-19 stands today

We start where you are today, using a proprietary digital COVID-19 questionnaire to obtain a better understanding of your current needs, underlying conditions and ongoing issues.

Take action with managed personal COVID-19 rehabilitation plans

Following remote consultations with global medical and paramedical specialists,
Medix will create and explain a personalised and
comprehensive COVID-19 Rehabilitation Plan.

Make real progress without leaving your home

While we might refer you to local medical facilities and doctors, we do recognise that seeing them in person may be challenging during COVID times. Our Nurses and Medical Teams will support you and monitor your progress back to health.

Build the mental resilience and confidence to get back to life and work

Medix’ COVID-19 Rehabilitation Services include emotional health support. We might refer you to local therapists to help you cope with the ongoing mental and emotional effects of having had COVID-19 and the wider pandemic.

Your COVID-19 Rehabilitation Journey

Digital Assessment and Evaluation
Complete your Digital COVID-19 Management and Rehabilitation questionnaire to gain a better understanding of your current medical needs.
Obtain Guidance and Meet Your Personal COVID-19 Rehabilitation Team
Obtain guidance during the acute phase of COVID-19 and get to know your personal COVID-19 Rehabilitation Team, who will be by your side for a minimum period of three months.
Obtain Multidisciplinary Opinions
Your personal COVID-19 team will consult on your behalf with a variety of relevant experts, specialists and therapists, who will recommend the best way forward.
Get Your Personalised COVID-19 Rehabilitation Plan
After consulting with a team of multidisciplinary experts, your COVID-19 team will provide you with your personalised rehabilitation plan and will coach you all the way back to recovery.
Ongoing Support
We will proactively reach out to support you in the implementation of your rehabilitation plan to ensure a speedy recovery.
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COVID-19 Management and Rehabilitation is one of the many state of the art health and medical management services provided by Medix. Enhanced by digital innovation and a global network of multidisciplinary specialists, Medix supports your informed decision-making process and delivers personalised guidance to customers coping with COVID-19 across 90 countries worldwide.

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Our COVID-19 service builds on decades of success helping people navigate through a variety of medical conditions. Many, suffering from a variety of underlying conditions are now seeking medical solutions accessed from the comfort and the safety of their homes. Medix is proud to provide personalised and virtual solutions, including personal medical case navigation to help you deal with these conditions during these challenging pandemic times. With this service, we will review your medical information, refer you to additional tests, consult on your behalf with world leading specialists, to ensure you have reached the right diagnosis and make sure you have opted for the best possible treatment plan.
Emotional well-being plays a vital part in the successful rehabilitation from COVID-19. This is why our COVID-19 Management and Rehabilitation Service includes mental health support and guidance, working with you to overcome your stress.

COVID-19 has been a deeply stressful and often traumatising time for all of us. We understand this and acknowledge this, hence we have developed flexible and personalised plans, enhanced by digital tools that support you going back to normal life. Our goal is to improve your quality of life as soon as possible.

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