Provide stand-out health benefits to your employees

Your employees’ health is a paramount priority. At the same time, global businesses are under increasing pressure to offer valuable health benefits. Choosing a combination of benefits that meets both your healthcare and corporate aims can be challenging, particularly with so much choice available. Using sound clinical knowledge and analytics, Medix’ Employee Health Benefits Management Service helps you to develop or reassess your strategies for your employee health benefits scheme.


Stand out in your market

Prevention services, subsidised gym access, case management, rehabilitation, mental health support: the list of potential benefits is extensive. We help you structure a pool of services that will ensure you stand out in the market as a caring and health aware employer.

Meet the demand for innovation

Today’s workforce expects global access to services at the touch of a button. We work with you to integrate digital services into your benefits strategy, empowering greater healthcare control, personalisation and clarity for your employees.

Offer the right assessment tools at the right time

Issues relating to mental and preventative health have risen to the forefront in recent years. Providing access to services that enable employees to self-assess and to better understand their risk factors and lead to a healthier and more engaged workforce, helping to reduce illness and healthcare spend.

Continuously improve your offer

Medix provides initial advice and a tailored package of services, based on your organisation’s and employees' needs. Leveraging data analytics, insights and the latest advancement in healthcare services, we recommend changes or adaptations to your employee benefits package as needed.


With services like Employee Health Benefits Management, we support large corporations to take care of their employees’ health. By leveraging our global specialist network, our decades of health and medical management expertise, and our commitment to a shared value model, we help companies enable the best possible healthcare outcomes for their employees.
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