Our ESG Approach

At Medix, our approach to corporate social responsibility is grounded in our commitment to creating and maintaining sustainable value for our patients, our employees, our partners and the communities in which we live and work. This commitment is executed through broad engagement across Medix, while providing appropriate oversight and accountability at the highest levels of the company. We regularly assess our materiality metrics to ensure that our efforts remain aligned with what’s important to our business and stakeholders, creating long-term value and ongoing commitment to ESG.

We report on our ESG impact following the reviewing the GRI, SASB and the UN SDGs to standards to enhance transparency to our stakeholders. You can find our ESG report here.


Access to Health

Part of our core values at Medix, is identifying the interconnectivity of the healthcare systems, in order to provide the best accessibility, quality and affordability of healthcare, for all. By connecting local healthcare service professionals from various medical disciplines with our global specialists, we can bridge the divides of healthcare inequality, and improve the services we provide to our patients as well as extending to additional communities.

Reducing Inequalities

In providing high quality healthcare services, we focus on solutions that reach a wider range of communities and countries, with the aim of reducing inequalities in healthcare. We can guarantee that our treatment is not influenced by external factors – through our Evidence Based Medicine, we can make informed decisions that use patient values and science-based evidence.

We are proud of our diverse workforce and provide equal opportunities for all our employees to grow and develop.

Employee Wellness Impact

Our employee wellness sits at the forefront of our value approach. We strive to create a safe workplace, and provide growth and development opportunities wherever we can, by providing professional tools, equal opportunities and transparency.

Our Corporate Responsibility

Medix proudly plays a critical role in the sustainability and democratization of healthcare. In bridging gaps between the complexities in the medical field, and its consumers by helping them understand risks, prevent medical conditions, and access quality medical care. In doing this, we hold ourselves to the highest standard of accountability, which allows us to maintain sustainable value for our patients, employees and partners.

Reducing Our Environmental Impact

As we expand our business and services, we face the risk of negative environmental impacts in the regions in which we operate. Medix complies with all current environmental rules and regulations according to locality, and assume responsibility for environmental conservation, on a company-wide level. We strive to mitigate our environmental footprint, and promote the use of environmentally friendly practices and products through the influence of both suppliers and customers.


Please refer to relevant Company Policies hereunder:

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