Medical Prevention & Early Detection


Keep Your people healthier for longer

According to clinical studies, 90 percent of people are only “apparently healthy” and are, in reality, masking some risk of serious disease. With Medix’ ground-breaking Disease Prevention Service, we give your members/employees complete clarity over their health today, and help them prevent disease tomorrow. With a combination of digital diagnostic tools and personalised support, we guide them on the path towards mitigating their risks of serious disease and living a long and healthy life.
0 -50%
Of Cancer cases are preventable
0 %
Of Diabetes Type 2 cases are preventable or reversible
0 %
Of Heart Disease is preventable
1 in 3
Adults have a condition that may cause a Stroke

The Disease Prevention Journey

Risk Assessment
The patient completes a Digital Health Risk Assessment Questionnaire and is referred for blood tests, if needed. The algorithm analyses the data and provides an initial report, flagging risks and opportunities.
Review & Evaluation
A multidisciplinary board will identify and review the specific risks to create a baseline for their current health.
A dedicated Medix Medical Prevention Case Doctor will provide your members/employees with a comprehensive Prevention Plan based on their personal risks.
Coaching & Follow-up
A dedicated Prevention Case Team will coach and help your members/employees implement the recommended actions to reduce their risk. Their plan will also be available on the Medix App, providing them with reminders and useful insights related to their health.

Medix, Partnering with you for better health outcomes

Medix’ world-leading Disease Prevention Service is part of a personalised, differentiated, and digitally enhanced health management platform, providing high-quality world-class services that keep people healthy. Our Disease Prevention Service helps to prevent future hospitalisations, limits claims, and improves health outcomes by proactively assessing risk, diagnosing needs and enabling your members/employees to focus on living a healthier life.

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Your life, Our answers


Studies have shown that people are more likely to meet their health goals when they feel supported and accountable. At Medix, we coach them along their prevention plans, which helps to increase adherence and compliance.
Every person is unique and subject to a range of different genetic and environmental factors. Fortunately, advances in technology and medicine enable us to detect and record differences between individuals and understand their personal risk profiles and predispositions to certain medical conditions. We identify certain trends or changes in their health status early on. In turn, we are able to provide tools for prevention and optimisation of diagnosis and treatment.

Many serious illnesses are preventable, reversible or can be mitigated through lifestyle changes and tailored interventions, even if an individual’s existing risk is currently high. Our multidisciplinary team of global medical experts, including doctors, genetic counsellors, nurses and dieticians, work with patients to create, manage and follow up on their dedicated prevention plan. Of course, not all conditions are preventable and if a person is at a high risk for a specific condition, we will tailor a personalised monitoring/screening programme to ensure that no stone is left unturned.