Medical Prevention & Early Diagnosis


Take action today for better long-term health

Did you know annual medical check-ups and periodic screenings don’t always provide a complete picture of your health? In fact, research has shown that up to 90% of “apparently healthy” people are masking considerable risk of serious disease. With Medix’ cutting-edge Disease Prevention Services, you can identify and reduce your risk of the most common serious medical conditions.

0 -50%
Of Cancer cases are preventable
0 %
Of Diabetes Type 2 cases are preventable or reversible
0 %
Of Heart Disease is preventable
1 in 3
Adults have a condition that may cause a Stroke

Your Medical Prevention Journey

Complete your Digital Health Risk Assessment questionnaire and be referred for blood tests, if needed.
A multidisciplinary board will identify and review the specific risks to create a baseline for your current health.
Your dedicated Medix Prevention Case Doctor will provide you with a comprehensive Prevention Plan based on your personal risks.
Coaching & Follow-up
Your dedicated Prevention Case Team will coach and help you implement the recommended actions to reduce your risk. Your plan will also be available on the Medix App, providing you with reminders and useful insights related to your health.

Medix is on a mission to keep you healthy

Medix’ world-leading Disease Prevention Service is part of a personalised, digitally enabled health management platform, providing high-quality, world-class services that keep you healthy before and after serious illness, and improve your health outcomes throughout life. It delivers on Medix’ mission to make the world’s best medical care more accessible, navigable and personal for more people.

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Research indicates that 10% of all Cancer incidences are due to hereditary genetic mutations. At Medix, we look at a combination of personal factors, including biomarkers, to screen for, help identify, or monitor certain medical conditions. When necessary, keeping a close eye on these parameters enables us to ensure early as possible diagnosis and implementation of best possible treatment.
Our Disease Prevention Service begins with a Digital Health Risk Assessment questionnaire and an optional genetic test. If needed, you are then referred for novel biomarker testing and personalised blood tests. This Multidisciplinary approach has been proven to give us the best, most precise view of your risks.
Every person is unique and subject to a range of different genetic and environmental factors. Fortunately, advances in technology and medicine enable us to detect and record differences between individual patients and understand their personal risk profile and predisposition to certain medical conditions. In turn, we are able to provide tools for prevention and optimisation of diagnosis and treatment.

Many serious conditions are preventable, reversible or can be mitigated through lifestyle changes and tailored interventions, even if your existing risk is currently high. Our multidisciplinary team of global medical experts, including doctors, genetic counsellors, nurses and dieticians, will work with you to create, manage and follow up on your dedicated prevention plan. If you are at a high risk for a specific condition, we will tailor a personalised monitoring/screening program for you.