Medical Rehabilitation


Make a complete recovery. Get back to living.

After experiencing a serious medical condition like cancer, people experience pain, side effects and some functional decline – even after they are “disease-free.”

Medix’ Rehabilitation Management Service fills the gap often left by healthcare systems, by proactively providing rehabilitation assessments and individualised rehabilitation plans.

Medix will coach you and help you completely recover and return to your normal life.

Cancer Rehabilitation

Orthopaedic Rehabilitation

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Your Medical Rehabilitation Journey

Assessment and Evaluation
Complete your Digital Rehabilitation Assessment Questionnaire to establish a baseline understanding of your current status and rehabilitation needs.
Introduction to Personal Medical Team
Meet your dedicated Personal Medical Rehabilitation Case Team who will be by your side for a minimum period of three months or more.
Access Multidisciplinary Advice
Your Rehabilitation Case Team will consult on your behalf with a variety of specialists including occupational therapists, physiotherapists, pharmacologists and clinical dieticians.
Understand Your Personalised Rehabilitation Plan
We will keep in regular contact with you, the relevant specialists and local providers, and support you all the way through full recovery.
Ongoing Rehabilitation Case Management
Your plan includes both regular contact with relevant specialists and local providers, and digital enhancements to keep you on track to recovery.

Medix is on a mission to get you back to your normal life

Medix’ unique Rehabilitation Management Service is part of our personalised, digitally enabled health management platform, providing state of the art services that keep you healthy and improve your health outcomes throughout life.
This service delivers on Medix’ mission to make the world’s best medical care more accessible, navigable and personal.

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Your life, Our answers


Everyone is unique, and our customers have a wide range of diverse medical needs following treatment for serious conditions. Therefore, we attend every patient in an individual and personalised way. Our services combine digitally enhanced assessment tools that get to the heart of your specific needs with a human touch to ensure you receive the right support. Together, we can ensure you get better.
Emotional well-being is a vital part of successful medical rehabilitation, particularly following the stress and worry of serious illness. That’s why our Rehabilitation Management Service includes mental health support to work with you on your specific emotional needs.

We develop individualised plans that can be adapted over time, as well as digital tools to keep you on track. Our aim is to get you back to your normal routines and to improve your quality of life as quickly as possible.