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At no other point in history has the potential for life-saving digital health technologies been greater. Around the world, conventional healthcare systems are being disrupted every day by start-ups with bold ambitions to improve the provision and consumption of care.

Medix is an active enabler of that change. Our digital health corporate investment team identifies the brightest, most scalable ideas and disruptive innovations in digital health and AI, and helps them to achieve sustained growth.

Founded by global industry leaders with vast execution capabilities in the fields of investments, healthcare management, AI and insurance, Medix Ventures both invests in outstanding entrepreneurs and nurtures a generation of industry leaders and market dominators. We draw on our collective healthcare entrepreneurial, investment and corporate experience to mentor and support portfolio companies scaling their companies globally.

Medix Ventures leverages its expertise, strategic network and unique operational ecosystem, which provides services to millions of healthcare consumers worldwide. Medix’ expertise, unique market positioning and strategic partnerships creates unique synergies between portfolio companies, thus reducing risk while inducing growth.

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