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Go above and beyond for mental health

With Medix’ Mental Health Management Services, we help you diagnose and combat one of the biggest and increasingly recognised global health issues of our time. Through a blend of digital innovation and human care, your members/employees can gain clarity and control over the state of their mental well-being and pursue the best treatment for them. 

Mental Health Resources

Action Plan

Therapeutic Techniques

Emotional Support

Mental Health Resources

Action Plan

Therapeutic Techniques

Emotional Support


Improve your members’/employees mental health outcomes

For many people suffering from mental health issues, just knowing they have a treatable problem is the first step. Through an innovative triage and intake process, we help your members'/employees' gain a deep understanding of their current mental state, so they can move forward with care and confidence.

Offer a better path to your members/employees

Because it is both incredibly complex and deeply personal, mental health requires a holistic solution. At Medix, we bring together multidisciplinary experts to review a member’s/employee’s case; our dedicated Medix Mental Health Team coaches them through a personalised and flexible plan of action by setting goals and monitoring their progress.

Prevent further mental health complications down the road

Our flexible action plans set goals and monitor patient supervision and progress, thereby maximising the chance of recovery. In turn, we help to prevent future hospitalisations, reduce risk, and limit claims, while getting people back to living full lives.

Build the confidence to get back to life and work

Whether your members/employees are suffering from mild depression, anxiety attacks or mood disorders, Medix’ Mental Health Services helps them make a real progress towards getting back to their normal lives.

The Mental Health Management Journey

Assessment and Evaluation
Your members/employees will complete their Digital Mental Assessment Questionnaire and have an intake with their Case Doctor to establish a clear picture of their mental health status and needs.
Meeting The Mental Health Team
Your member/employee will meet their dedicated personal Mental Health Management Team, who is with them for a minimum of three months.
Obtaining a Personalised Management Plan
A dedicated team will consult with multidisciplinary experts, including therapists, psychiatrists, and mental health coaches, to create a personalised treatment and support plan.
Refer, Set Goals, Manage and Adapt Their Plan
The Medix Mental Health Team will refer your member/employee to the appropriate therapist and/or psychiatrist and will work collaboratively with them on goal-setting and progress monitoring.
Ongoing Mental Health Support and Management
The Medix Mental Health Team will follow up with your member/employee to ensure their progress, adapt their therapy where necessary and monitor their mental health goals until they are back to normal life.
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Mental Health Management is one of many leading health and medical management services offered by Medix. Enabled by digital innovation and our global quality network of multidisciplinary specialists, we support informed decision-making and the delivery of personalised, coaching plans which have made Medix the world’s leading provider of health and medical management services. Although mental and emotional health are crucial to every service we provide, this offer has been built specifically to help detect and mitigate the risks of issues like mild depression, anxiety and mood disorders, and help prevent further problems down the line.

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No. This service is specifically geared towards those people who are feeling more sadness or anxiety than usual. Typically, these people want to know whether they are experiencing normal stress levels or if their symptoms are a sign of a more serious mental health condition. People experiencing acute mental health issues should immediately seek the help of a doctor.

No. Through our assessment process we get to know each person, their needs, concerns and preferences. Then, we match them with the therapist or psychiatrist who is the best fit for them, and we set joint goals for their treatment.

Research has shown that people in medical situations achieve better health outcomes when they are supported and encouraged to make progress. Medix provides patients with a personal Mental Health Management Team who helps to keep them on track and supports them throughout journey treatment.
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