Ms. Sigal Atzmon – working to save lives, one at a time (ABP Live Podcast)
Sigal Atzmon, CEO of Medix Global was hosted on ABP Live's podcast titled "Ladies First", wherein she had a conversation about lives, passions, ambitions, about motherhood and careers, with Niharika Nanda. This was a part of ABP Network / ABP Group's Live Podcasts.

ABP Live Podcasts series honours the real Girl Bosses of 21st century. Women who have made a mark in the world and established themselves no matter the kind of struggles they had to face. And the Girl Boss whom we are talking to today on Ladies First is Ms Sigal Atzmon. A beautiful woman who is originally from Belgium but a true Indian at heart. Her passion for medicine led her to create Medix, an organization making medical solutions available to people in an easy and accessible manner. 

A life changing experience from her own life led her to make an effort to bring a change in the global medical system. A beautiful mother of two, she talks about how she makes sure she maintains the perfect balance between work and home, how much she loves India and Indian food and a lot more.

Find out more about her and how she fell in love with India and her efforts to improve the Indian and Global medical system. Click to watch this episode of Ladies First with Niharika Nanda and Sigal Atzmon, on ABP Live Podcasts.


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