Personal Medical Case Navigation

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When you’re diagnosed with a serious medical condition, the days and weeks following can be incredibly stressful and confusing.
Medix’ world-leading Personal Medical Case Navigation Services help you reach the right diagnosis and implement the best possible treatment. With Medix, you have the clarity and confidence, knowing you are on the right path to the best possible medical outcomes.

Impact on people’s lives

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Correction in Diagnosis
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Introduction and Intake
Virtually meet your dedicated Case Nurse and Doctor and provide all relevant medical information. Your Case Team will assess and summarise the medical information on your behalf and will refer you to additional tests if necessary.
Evaluation and Consultation
Your dedicated Case Doctor will consult on your behalf with world leading multidisciplinary specialists to ensure you reach the right diagnosis and implement the best possible treatment.
Recommendation and Plan
Based on multidisciplinary specialists’ opinions, your Case Doctor will share the summary of recommendations with you and your treating doctor and will support you during the decision-making process. Upon need, Medix will refer you to the leading specialists locally, wherever you live.
Ongoing Support
Your Case Team will help you coordinate your medical appointments and provide ongoing support throughout your medical journey, for a minimum period of three months. Upon need, your case may be extended for an additional period of time.


Personal Medical Case Navigation was the first service provided by Medix. Created in response to a clear global need for access to quality care, objective and informed medical decision-making, and a personalised approached, the service has harnessed clinical and digital innovation to improve the medical outcomes of millions of people since 2006. Since then, we have expanded our offering to a holistic, end-to-end service, including prevention and diagnostics, rehabilitation, COVID-19 management and mental health.

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Your life, Our answers


Unlike a typical second opinion service, Personal Medical Case Navigation offers continuous medical and emotional support throughout your entire journey, for a minimum of three months and up to a year or longer, as needed. Rather than offering specialist’s opinion, we gather various multidisciplinary opinions from world leading specialists and synthesise them to provide a 360-degree view and clarity. This patient-centric, expert-led data driven approach empowers you to make decisions to achieve the best possible medical outcomes.
We work in full collaboration with your treating medical team helping to ensure you reach the right diagnosis and implement the best possible treatment. We then support you and monitor your condition throughout your journey, providing you the confidence and clarity you deserve.

Our Personal Medical Case Navigation service is provided to our customers through either their Insurance or their Employer. Get in touch with us, or speak to your Insurance Adviser or HR Department to understand if Medix is available to you.