Many people take a wide variety of medications, and yet many prescribing doctors and pharmacists don’t have a holistic view of the effects of these medications on each other. This polypharmacy can present a risk and increase the likelihood of adverse medical outcomes. With Medix’ comprehensive Polypharmacy Service, you are ensured to have a holistic view of your medical and medicinal needs and a clear plan for mitigating any risks.


Improve your health outcomes for residents

Among other risks, polypharmacy can reduce medicinal efficacy due to drug interactions. By providing a comprehensive view of your medicinal status, we ensure you receive the full benefits of your medications to your health.

An impactful service for you

Polypharmacy is a service vital to the health of many. With Medix, we continuously engage with you to ensure you keep healthy and well.

Feel empowered to enhance your quality of life

Many people, particularly those who take the appropriate combination of medication, do not take them as intended by the prescriber. Through our Polypharmacy Service, we help you better understand the importance of the right combinations, proper dosing and intervals.


Polypharmacy is one of several services offered by Medix. Our suite of services has been built on decades of experience and success as a global provider of health and medical management services that improve health outcomes, optimise clinical pathways, and raise the quality of care standards around the world.
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Many people take a range of medications, but few will have a single medical provider who oversees all of them. For example, a Neurologist will provide one medication and a gastroenterologist another, but neither will do a pharmacological analysis of combining both. There is potential for one of the medications to reduce the effectiveness of the other, or for the two medications together to have an adverse effect. Our service considers the big picture of polypharmacy to ensure the best health outcomes.
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