Deliver better quality care at scale

In our rapidly changing world, the decisions needed to deliver exceptional public health services grow more complex and challenging every day. With Medix’ Population Health and Health Management Consulting Service, we help governments develop clinical strategies to deliver quality care at scale. Armed with data analytics, a global perspective and extensive knowledge of healthcare interventions, we ensure you are best positioned to prevent non-communicable diseases and maximise public health outcomes.


Ensure your ability to find the balance between public and private care

In countries with both public and private healthcare systems, we advise governments on how best to combine the two to maximise coverage, manage cost and ensure access to quality care for all.

Leverage data analytics to make informed decisions

At Medix, we generate and capture data analytics and insights on the effectiveness of a broad range of prevention modules, treatments and healthcare provision across various geographies. We apply that knowledge to help governments make informed decisions and develop healthcare strategy.

Cope with sudden changes in healthcare demand

During the COVID-19 pandemic, rapidly developing clinical strategies was paramount to responding and providing care at scale. We work with governments to ensure they are prepared, responsive and effective in times of crisis.

Launch national-level initiatives with confidence

In many countries, governments are working on a range of public health projects, ranging from Digital Health ID to environmental health interventions. Medix helps governments to define priorities, needs and actions for those initiatives.

Medix, Helping governments to provide better care

Population Health & Health Management Consulting is one of many services Medix provides to governments around the world.
Every service we provide is delivered by a range of professionals including subject matter experts, senior clinicians, health economists, behavioural psychologists, experienced project managers and more.
Our diverse range of services provides us with the insights and tools necessary to help you make an impact on the local healthcare ecosystem.
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