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Warta Ekonomi Indonesia

The COVID-19 pandemic will accelerate the roll-out and implementation of digital health across Indonesia

Medix Global’s Founder & CEO Sigal Atzmon speaks with Warta Ekonomi on how the COVID-19 pandemic will accelerate the roll-out and implementation of digital health across Indonesia, and make it more accessible to communities, particularly for those in remote areas. Through its range of services, Medix offers its customers fast track solutions to proven better medical outcomes.

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Digital health is driving a shift in the way employers are looking at employee health benefits

The pandemic has put a spotlight on the importance of employees’ wellbeing & safety. Today, more than ever, companies need to leverage innovations in healthcare to create a healthier working environment for all. One of the key drivers, will be advances in the digital health space. In this article (in Thai), Medix’ Founder & CEO Sigal Atzmon explains how Medix has “invested considerably in digital health to create an ecosystem in which everyone has access to better care.”.

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Express Healthcare India

Medix’ services help standardise and reduce inequalities of care

Medix’ Founder & CEO Sigal Atzmon was recently interviewed by Viveka Roychowdhury on Express Healthcare, where she explained how Medix Global services help to standardise and reduce inequalities of care. She also addressed Medix’ strategic focus on India, the impact of Covid-19 on the healthcare sector, and how Medix is partnering with and investing in innovative digital health companies through Medix Ventures, its corporate investment and innovation arm.

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China Daily

The Doctor’s no Longer at The Door

With the Chinese mainland leading the pack in online medical consultations and treatment, Hong Kong’s healthcare sector is wasting no time embracing the shift but, seemingly, at a much slower pace. He Shusi reports from Hong Kong.

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