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Give your residents the psychological and social support they need

As we age, our psychological and social needs grow ever more complex and interconnected. For this reason, they can be difficult to diagnose and treat. At Medix, we provide Psychogeriatric & Social Services aimed specifically at helping seniors gain clarity over issues like cognitive decline, clinical depression and other mental health challenges. From there, we navigate the social care system on their behalf to secure additional support and provision based on their needs.


Provide residents with clarity over their mental state

Issues like cognitive decline can often cause or mimic clinical depression. Medix uses innovative diagnostic and assessment tools to establish a clear mental health picture; then we set out a plan for treatment.

Unlock available social provision

Social services can be difficult to navigate in terms of availability and access to special provisions like tax credits and equipment. We support seniors to demonstrate need and to receive what they are entitled to from the government.

Offer access to advice from the world’s leading specialists

Medix consults with a world-leading and quality-accredited network of multidisciplinary specialists to provide input and advice where relevant for patients.

Make life easier and more manageable for your residents

Experiencing a mental health issue can be a terrifying time for an elderly person. Not only do we provide emotional support throughout the service, but we also manage all appointments, assessments and treatments on their behalf.


Psychogeriatric & Social Services is one of several services offered by Medix specifically to senior living owners and operators. Our suite of services has been built on decades of experience and success as a global provider of health and medical management services that improve health outcomes, optimise clinical pathways, and raise the quality of care standards around the world. To senior living, we bring an understanding of the complexity of later-life care and a desire to provide much-needed care continuity, specialist access and support to this population.

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