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In a health landscape full of fragmented information and services, the Medix App is the personal, holistic, one-stop medical command center that puts patients at the helm of their unique health journey.

The Medix App unlocks new insights and action by gaining a deeper understanding of your full medical profile – from propriety health assessments to record scanning and filing to lab trends to real-time doctor consultations – and connecting it all with unique algorithms and medical data sets built over 2 decades, in 90 countries, with millions of customers. It’s unlike anything else in the market.

Medix Brings a one stop shop health management platform to more people

The ground-breaking Medix App reflects Medix’ ongoing commitment to digital health innovation. A significant market differentiator and a vital tool for creating better customer and employee engagement and experiences, the App optimises clinical pathways, provides accessibility to quality healthcare, and improves medical outcomes, without the hustle of navigating different platforms and apps.

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All of Medix’ tools and services are integrated into the Medix App. Depending on their tier of access, your members or employees can enjoy all the benefits of the Medix App.

Through the Medix App, users can:

  • Coordinate medical appointments and get medical alerts
  • Upload, manage and share medical records
  • Discuss care directly with case Doctors and Nurses
  • Receive personalised content and alerts
  • Speak to doctors over video and/or chat
  • Assess risks to develop certain medical conditions, access personalised recommendations and coaching
  • Obtain support and manage medical conditions with customised disease-specific toolkits and services
  • Access world-leading prevention, medical case and rehabilitation management services
  • And more…

The Medix app is available for download

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