Virtual Home Care & Monitoring

Help your Members/Employees to recover better at home

After an illness or during the course of a medical condition, many people require ongoing care, monitoring and support. Providing them with the option of receiving that care in the comfort of their own homes can aid their recovery and improve their mental and emotional well-being.
Medix’ Virtual Home Care and Monitoring Service provides support, ensures continuity of care and helps avoid hospital acquired complications.


Differentiate with expert-led advice and medical support

Medix’ Virtual Home Care and Monitoring service ensures patients receive the highest quality medical support within their homes. With 24/7 access to their dedicated care team, they can find assistance when they need it.

Leverage digital tools to ensure continuous monitoring and care

Medix provides customers with personalised digital kits, which enable the remote monitoring of their health conditions and surroundings, ensuring they receive continuous support as needed.

Ensure continuity of care and avoid future complications

Ensuring continuity of care, ongoing monitoring and supporting members/employees to manage their condition at home, helps avoid future complications and reduces the chance of acquiring hospital related complications.

Improve members'/employees' health outcomes and quality of life

Research shows that people who recuperate at home recover more quickly. By supporting your member/employee in their place of residence, you can help them to improve their health and medical outcomes.

Medix, Your partner in providing care where Your people need it most

Medix’ Virtual Home Care and Monitoring service reflects the same holistic, multidisciplinary and personalised approach we bring to every one of our services. By reducing the administrative and logistical burden of coordinating and ensuring the best possible care, we optimise your members’/employees’ care and improve their health and medical outcomes.

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