Virtual Specialists Support for Doctors

Provide specialist support for doctors in times of need

In circumstances where medical resources and/or expertise are insufficient to meet local needs, it is vital for patient care that those gaps are filled as quickly and efficiently as possible. During times of crisis, or in places where medical personnel are limited in quantity or capability, Medix provides remote specialist support for doctors, as well as medical coordination and information for patients, as needed.


Demonstrate your commitment to global health

By working with us to provide care where it is needed most, you can show your customers and the wider public your commitment to advancing and improving global health standards worldwide.

Narrow the global quality-of-care gap

As the COVID-19 pandemic revealed, inequalities of care contribute negatively to both healthcare risks and healthcare outcomes. By plugging in capacity and specialism where it is needed, you can help to narrow gap.

Facilitate the sharing of best practice

At Medix, our global network includes the world’s most experienced and top-performing medical specialists. By creating an environment and opportunities for knowledge sharing, we ensure best practice is made available to more people.

Together we help mentor the next generation of doctors

The Medix Service brings together doctors around the world with specialists who work with them in a remote mentorship model. This connection helps them to strengthen their ability to assess and treat patients on the ground.

Medix, a partner in democratising healthcare

At Medix, we are on a mission to make the world’s best care more accessible, quality driven and affordable for more people. Our Virtual Specialist Support for Doctors Service ensures that we can provide expertise and support directly to areas and situations that need it most. By working together with funders of healthcare projects, payers and corporations, we provide doctors the confidence, capacity and capability to deliver better quality care worldwide. Together, we reduce unwarranted healthcare variations.

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