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Budget 2022: What does the industry want?

The healthcare sector has received growing attention since the start of the pandemic. In this article, industry experts, including Medix Global’s CEO & Founder Sigal Atzmon share their view on the 2022 budget.

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Bangkok Post

Care with passion

Medix Global’s Founder & CEO Sigal Atzmon has built a global business on the belief that there is a better way to help more people care for their health.

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Digital health is driving a shift in the way employers are looking at employee health benefits

The pandemic has put a spotlight on the importance of employees’ wellbeing & safety. Today, more than ever, companies need to leverage innovations in healthcare to create a healthier working environment for all. One of the key drivers, will be advances in the digital health space. In this article (in Thai), Medix’ Founder & CEO Sigal Atzmon explains how Medix has “invested considerably in digital health to create an ecosystem in which everyone has access to better care.”.

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CNN India

India’s Covid-19 Vaccine Diplomacy

What India is doing by exporting Covid-19 Vaccines, shows the greatness of India. India is doing well in the Vaccination drive keeping in mind the vastness and population, President of the Medix Group, Sigal Atzmon

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